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February 01.2020
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We have 4 beautiful A FRAME cabins that we have recently remodeled, but they currently have bunk beds from World War II. We are not kidding, they are actually that old. So we would like to update them them with using the A FRAME Architecture with larger beds on the bottom then on the top.

Video Overview Of This Fun And Exciting Project  

 Here Are Some Of The Architectural Plans To Build The Bunk Beds

Project Details:

Create 4 Bunk Beds For Each Of The 4 Cabins. All wood and materials will be supplied to build them.

 Link To Project Plans: Click Here Size of Team: 3-4 Skills Needed: Carpentry, Remodeling experience, Shower Installation Experience Needed Estimated Project Time: 3 Days for Each Side Permits: Yes, Permits Will Be Applied for. Materials: Will Be On Site for The Job Thanks for taking the time to consider helping us to "Outdoor Showers". We believe that our work will positively impact lives. This is why we want to partner with people like you who want to do God’s work and help "Impact Our Culture." Please take the time to consider working with us. We are incredibly flexible and look forward to answering any questions you might have. Please call or text us at 561-502-7729. 
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