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How HGH Can Increase Your Metabilism

Congratulations, if you have made it this far you now know more about HGH then most people who sell it! On this page we will introduce you to an HGH supplement that really is effective. I want to be clear that we do not make any supplements we recommend. We could sell every supplement under the sun, but we only want to offer what we feel is most effective. Okay, on with the article…

How can we enhance our body’s HGH production?

The key is to find supplements that act as a secretagogue (defined on our HGH related definitions page). Secretagogues cause the pituitary gland to secrete more HGH. Over the last 10 years a tremendous amount of research has been done on which nutritional products increase HGH production.

One of the leaders in this area has been Dr. Giampapa. Dr. Giampapa is the founder of the Longevity Institute International (LII) and is profiled in the landmark book -“Grow Young with HGH” by Dr. Ronald Klatz. For years Dr. Giampapa did HGH injections at the LII. While his patients saw great results, it was expensive and side effects could be an issue. Dr. Giampapa knew that a blend of supplements that could stimulate the body to produce more HGH was the best solution. Researchers finally came up with the right blend and called it Secretagogue-1



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