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Welcome To Camp Impact

Our Mission Is To:

Impact Our Culture To Discover God’s Love,

His Purpose And Plan For Their Lives

Camp Impact Is A Privately Owned Camp Will Be Opening At The September Of 2020.

For Private Groups That Want To Be Involved 

With The Our Mission And Help With Projects.

Our Focus Is 
To Make 
True Impact In Culture ...
By Focusing On Families, Businesses And The Next Generation Of Leaders


Families are the foundational thread of our social culture today. 

Businesses are the foundational thread of economic culture.

Next generation

The next generation of leaders 18-28 year olds are our future.

To Learn More Contact Us Today:

Call: 561-502-7729

Join Us In The Adventure...
Thank You!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to take a look at the exciting projects we have at Camp Impact.  

In this fast paced culture, its quickly taking our kids attention away from the family and putting the focus on the cu
rrent culture and trends of the day.

We believe that we can have an impact in helping families reconnect and grow together in a way that helps them rediscover God's love, His Purpose and His Plan for their lives.

The vision is big, but we believe with your help and experience that we can build the type of experience that will make an impact on families and businesses.