FAQ: Here You Can Check Our F.A.Qs
Your Guide to Commonly Raised Concerns and Solutions

Where Do We Start In Making A Reservation?

How do I reserve Specific dates?

Do you offer your own programming?

How much is camp?

Do you have a minimum group size?

Do you have a minimum stay?

Can I come out to the camp just for the day?

What activities do you offer?

What facilities do you offer for large group gatherings?

Do you provide equipment for large group gatherings?

How many people can fit in your cabins?

Do your cabins have bathrooms and showers?

Do you provide bedding?

Do you provide dishes and cookware?

 Do you provide food?

What facilities do you have for cooking?

Can anyone or any group stay or use Camp Impact?

Will there be other groups out at the camp?

How do you manage multiple groups being on the property at the same time?

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